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Sweet Land of Liberty White Multi

SKU 699919386956
We currently have 13.5 yards in stock.

Blue sky background with classic trucks, bikes and plenty of flags, interspersed with "America the Beautiful". Life, Liberty, and the Joy of another fantastic fabric collection by Beth Albert for 3 Wishes fabric. Within “Sweet Land of Liberty”, you will find Beth Albert’s signature rustic flair along with her incredible detail in recreating an Americana small town setting. Designs include town buildings reminiscent of yesteryear, exploding fireworks, stars on distressed shiplap, summer fruits on a blue picnic check, a Patriotic ditsy floral, and an allover “patch” that ties the whole collection together.

100% Cotton
44" Wide
Colors in this fabric: Light Blue, White, Navy, Red, Black, Green

Manufacturer Item #: 21660-WHT-CTN-D