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Longarm Quilting Services

You've pieced it together, let us help you finish it (quickly).

Making You Happy, One Quilt at a Time

We quilt nearly every day and if we had to bet, we'd go out on a limb to say that you spend a lot of time quilting too. When you visit our store you may find spread amongst ~8,000 bolts of fabrics, 11,327 bobbins, cones and spools of thread, a few sewing machines placed throughout the store. 

We spend time on these machines pretty much every day, making new quilts to adorn the walls of our beautiful shop or for personal projects and charity quilts. To help us create faster (and let's be honest here, actually finish our quilts), we purchased a longarm machine last year to finish projects in-house. We've had so much fun quilting on our fancy machine that we started quilting for friends and friends of friends who wanted edge-to-edge quilting and a quick turnaround time. We offer the total quilting package -- helping you complete more projects and share your quilts with those you love.

How it works

Once your quilt is finished, bring your completed quilt top and backing ( your backing should be 4” larger than your quilt on all four sides). You may bring your own batting ( 3” larger than your quilt ) or make your experience easier by choosing from the batting we carry: 

1) 80/20 94" wide cotton polyester blend ($13.95/yd)
2) 80/20 120" wide cotton polyester blend ($17.50/yd)
3) Puff polyester 94" wide ($10.50/yd)
4) Washable wool 120" wide ($24.00/yd)
Washable wool 108" wide ($18.50/yd)
6) Washable wool 94" wide ($18.50/yd)

Please review our quilting designs lookbook and select the design you want to use. We'll create an order form and add your quilt to our queue! Depending on the number of quilts we have, our average time for completion is roughly 3 weeks. We will notify you when your quilt is ready for pickup. We offer a full selection of Superior Threads to choose from.


  • What size does the backing need to be? 

    The backing for your quilt needs to be a minimum of 4" bigger on all sides of the quilt. Please make sure your backing is sewn together.

  • Do you supply the batting? 

    Yes, we carry 80/20 cotton poly, puff polyester and washable wool batting. If you want to supply your own batting please make sure it is a minimum of 3" bigger on all sides of the quilt.

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge 2 cents ($.02) per square inch. There is a minimum charge of $50.00 per quilt. If we are shipping the quilt back to you, we will charge the best rate for return postage.

  • How long will it take?

    All quilts are quilted in the order received. Our goal is to finish quilts within four weeks of receiving them.

  • Can I choose the design if I want?

    Yes, you can choose from the designs in our lookbook or leave it up to us. We have a lot of experience and we care how your quilt will look when it is finished. We treat every quilt as if it were ours and will make it come alive.

  • Can I choose the thread?

    Yes. We carry premium Superior Threads and have solid and variegated colors in both Cotton and Polyester threads. Again we can choose the color and thread type that will make your quilt look its best and sometimes that means using MonoPoly which is the premier invisible thread on the market.

  • Will you sew backing strips or necessary fabric to complete the quilt?
Yes. We can sew backing strips to your quilt for an additional $10.

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Edge-to-edge quilting

With our HandiQuilter Forte longarm machine, we quilt edge-to-edge designs with the aid of a precision-guided computer system.

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Our design library

Choose your preferred design from our design library. We've created a lookbook to make this process as simple as possible. Preview the quilts hanging in our store for inspiration.

Contact Information

Please give us a call, email us, or visit our store for additional information:

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87 E 2580 S
St. George, UT 84790


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