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byAnnie Chalkboard Fabric 16" x 48"

by byAnnie
SKU chalkboard

This black oilcloth fabric has a specially-coated surface that makes it behave like a chalkboard.

Sew it into a wall hanging, use it on a pillow or add an insert to a stocking.

It is important to prime the chalkboard fabric before you use it for the first time. To do so, simply rub the side of a piece of common chalk over the fabric in one direction and then the other. Wipe clean and repeat. Wipe again and your cloth will be ready to use.

Sewing tips:

  • Press with a cool iron using a pressing cloth between the iron and cloth. OK to press on back without pressing cloth if using a cool iron
  • Use tissue paper or lightweight paper under fabric if static makes it stick to bed of machine.
  • Needle size: 90/14
  • Presser foot: Teflon if available
  • Wash with warm soapy sponge; dry with soft cloth.

Fabric measures 16" x 48".